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Now in its 21st year, The Ireland Report on Succeeding in Women's Health is designed to give healthcare professionals the very latest information on the trends, innovations, ideas, and programs that are shaping women's health. Each information-packed issue includes a profile of a successful women's health program; stories covering the hot topics in women's health such as service line management, retail marketing, women's health boutiques, ambulatory care, medical research, and managed care; resource columns that cover what women's magazines and the healthcare literature are saying about women's health. Here are just a few examples of what you can look forward to in The Ireland Report:

  • An In-depth Success Profile of an exemplary women's health center.
  • Best Practice examples of how Women's Centers are achieving success.
  • Topics include: retailing, marketing to special groups, reengineering projects, marketing campaigns, newsletters, management of women's health, managed care, and much more.

Regular coverage of what leading women's magazines are saying about women's health topics and issues through our regular column Magazine Watch. Regular coverage of news stories, research reports, health newsletters, health/medical journals and new books on women's health through regular features News Watch and Book Watch.

Coverage of key topics such as service line management, developing new clinical programs such as urinary incontinence, midlife programs, relationship management, strategic and market plan development, complementary/alternative medicine, reengineering/process redesign, ambulatory & diagnostic centers, women's health research, and much more.

Interview & Point of View columns with leading experts on women's health.

Your Year 2008 subscription includes six bimonthly issues, a complimentary 3-ring binder to store issues, and a free copy of our most recent reprint collection: On Trend in Women's Health: Success profiles, innovation, best practices and neat ideas.

Subscription Price: $199.00 per year (Renewal price is only $179.00 per year.)

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What Our Subscribers Are Saying About The Ireland Report

"I always look forward to receiving The Ireland Report. I use the information for education (not only for myself but often for staff and others in administration), networking, and to foster strategic thinking. When I switched hospitals last year,  this was the first subscription that I made sure was ordered."
Iris Torvik, RN, MS, Vice President, Women's & Children's Services
Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, TX

"The Ireland Report is like a breath of fresh air each issue with new and timely ideas to continue to improve programs and services at Lake Hospital System. I keep all past issues in their notebooks and find myself frequently going back to them for inspiration, answers to questions and, names of resources. Both my clinical and marketing colleagues find each issue informative."                      Diane Doner, MBA, RN, CNA Vice President of Women's and Acute Services    Lake Hospital System, Painesville, Ohio 

"The Ireland Report is the one report that I look forward to receiving each month. The articles are well written by a variety of authors, providing a broad overview of women's health programs. The newsletter also serves as a quick/easy resource of information that can be applied within our facility."
Sherry Maughan, RN, Director of Women's Services
Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, WA

"The Ireland Report is informative, a well respected resource by those professionals recognized as leaders in the field of women's health.
Always up-to-the-minute with the latest information regarding 
innovative and unique programs for women.
Provides insight into what people are doing around the country in 
women's health.
Easy to read, timely."
Robyn D'Oria, Clinical Nurse Specialist/Perinatal,
Medical Center at Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey

"I love The Ireland Report and now the Online enclosure. The information and stories are so helpful. I feel like I have just had a discussion with my peers and am energized to keep updating and improving our program."
Dawn L. Cooper, Director, Program Development
Citrus Valley Health Partners, West Covina, CA

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Success Profiles in Women's Health
(free with new subscription to The Ireland Report)
Price: $22.95

This anthology  includes the success profiles of women's health centers and programs that appeared in The Ireland Report on Succeeding in Women's Health. These articles provide a current perspective on the trends in women's health services. Readers will find a wide range of program ideas, innovations, and key success factors for developing a winning women's health program.


Service Line Management: Lessons from the Best
Price: $32.95

Beginning with a primer on the basics of service line management, this publication covers the essentials of developing and management a service line.

Section One a set of ten background articles that explore the different themes and dimensions of service line management and Section Two provides an in-depth look at eight remarkable organizations that have achieved outstanding results on service line management.

The Business of Women's Health
Price: $24.95

Beginning with the basics of what it means to function as a business, this set of articles illustrates the core principles and ideas for truly succeeding in women’s health. Included are the business of women’s health, principles for writing a winning business plan, the dynamics of revenue management, forging strategic partnerships, creating meaningful healthcare experiences for women and their families, growing market share in obstetrics, stretching you market budget, revenue growth strategy, and developing a strategic perspective in women’s health.

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