Virtual Tour of Women's Health Centers

The following Web sites are good examples of women's health centers and programs currently on the Internet. All have their weaknesses. Only a few are truly good sites for women's health. Each site has one or two strong points that are worth looking at. Several offer online registration for education classes and a couple offer virtual tours, one with a 360 degree "camera." Site design is generally average, with one exception.

The task is to browse these sites to see what does and doesn't seem to work and, of course, to look for ideas you might incorporate.

This Virtual Tour is a work in progress. We will be adding and deleting sites and expanding our commentary as we conduct our ongoing Internet searches. If you would like us to consider your Web site for the Virtual Tour, please contact us. And let us know your impressions of  on this Virtual Tour.

Hendrick Health System

A nicely integrated women's health site with links to relevant services. Very consumer friendly. A network

Lehigh Valley Hospital

Comprehensive and a first rate women's health page.    This site has what it takes  to get women to come back    for more.

St. Agnes Healthcare

A clean, well organized site for women's health. Nicely integrated with other services but there is not a lot to
keep women coming back. We liked Stages, a life stage program.

Woman's Hospital

This is site is what other sites should aspire to. Comprehensive, integrated, consumer centric, and easy  to navigate.

The Women's Hospital

A very nicely designed site. Comprehensive, integrated, easy to navigate, lots of stuff to bring women back for more.

Civista Women's Health Center

Very well organized, comprehensive, medical practice site. Comprehensive services and related health information.

Ellen Thompson Women's Health Center

This site make excellent use of virtual tours of just about every service they offer. It's great!

Orlando Regional    Medical Center

Learn all about the new state-of-the-art Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies plus a comprehensive women's program called Healthy Women. The site include a very special feature, ORHStories, audio stories of patient experiences. 

Aurora Women's Health Center

A comprehensive easy to navigate site with leading-edge services for women including an integrated midlife  program.